1. the purpose

In order to define the standard for judging the appearance defects of SMDT castings, this document is specially formulated

2. scope

Casting appearance suitable for all SMDT external procurement

3. definition

The appearance of defects: typecasting is unclear, lack of meat, trachoma, shrinkage and porosity, cracks and other defects

4. responsibilities

According to the process, the Factory Inspector checks the appearance of the casting product sent by the supplier according to the process, and finds out the problem in time according to the unqualified product processing flow

Warehouse personnel according to the order requirements, material to assembly line

Assembly personnel to install such products, if found defective products, promptly notify the inspection issued inconsistent product processing sheet

5. content

The surface appearance of castings is checked according to the specified requirements

The surface of the casting is cleaned, trimmed and treated by shot blasting. The spray primer shall comply with the working standards and comply with other supplementary instructions on the order form

The casting surface should meet the grade standard:

Surface roughness: A3

Surface inclusion nonmetallic inclusion defect: B1

Stomata: C2

The surface of the defect after grinding: H1

There are other surface defects are not allowed (such as size, fleshy, sticky steel or other similar problems).

The machined surface is not allowed to have shrinkage and uneven material. This must be made by the foundry to ensure uniformity. After machining defects or such materials will come out and damage on the surface defects. After purchasing the permission before they can be filled and such as bonding, welding and so on.


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