Die casting is a casting process, is the most widely applied, it is characterized by using metal mold cavity to melt under pressure. Compared with other metal casting technology, die casting surface more smooth, more uniform in size, and lower costs. During die casting process, there are some common problems, accuracy will affect the normal use and casting machine, so what are some problems and Countermeasures to solve what? We look together below.

9 problems needing attention in die casting production process and their solutions:

1st question: Hammer stuck

Solution: 1 in production, often measure temperature, avoid hammer head, cylinder temperature is too high; 2 choose high quality, impurity free alloy material, avoid impurities sticking on the hammer head

2sc problems: the injection head stuck in the neck

Solution: the equipment is in normal temperature, and try to turn the hammer, if not rotate, change our cylinder, will remove the hammer. If you want to have a quick solution to the death card, the best is the refueling pot.

3th problem: dozens of mold material can not be hit when the material is hit, and it is necessary to wait for a few minutes to continue to play material

Solution: to see if the head top spot, such as full section gray, the mouth, the nozzle temperature moderate increase, out of time Ju lowered 0.1 to 0.2 seconds, the fixed mould cooling water slightly down.

4th problem: the die casting thin wall parts are easy to crack

Solution: the problem may be a problem with the material or the die opening is not good or improper process parameters, to control the waste ratio of not more than 30%, leaving time should not be too long, each mm wall thickness is about 3S, the top is not long delay, general 0.5-2s.

5th problem is that the material is hard and the tool is easy to wear

Solution: use the raw material ratio, without renewable materials, using special carbide for the production of gem blade

6th question: aluminum casting has black spots when polished

Solution: reduce the concentration of spraying agent, switch to other spraying agent, or extend the blowing time after spraying

7th problem: metal splash in die casting process

Solution: re install the mold, increase clamping force, adjust the die casting machine, make the dynamic and fixed die mounting plate parallel to each other; increase the supporting plate on the moving die, increase the stiffness of the cover plate

8th problem is the appearance of pattern after anodic oxidation of die castings

Solution: spraying, injection oil walking are high-speed switching or improper location of the oxidation tank copper ion content is too high will cause the pattern, so that to make the spraying, injection oil spread evenly, not gathered in the local, or set the high speed switch position, reduce undercasting phenomenon.

9th problem: sticking of die casting die

Solution: check the mold temperature is normal, moderately lower alloy pouring temperature and mold temperature; check demoulding agent ratio is abnormal, trying to replace the release agent, debugging spray polishing position of surface mold, has the nitride carefully polished off the surface to prevent the destruction of the nitride layer, the formation of throw more sticky; 4, improvement of structure design of gating system, avoid liquid alloy continuous erosion cavity wall or core; 5, to modify the mold cooling system; 6, adjust the parameters of die casting process, appropriate to reduce the injection speed, shorten the speed two stroke.


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