Centrifugal casting can obtain castings without porosity, air holes and slag inclusion, and has fine microstructure and good mechanical properties. When casting round hollow parts, can save the core. In addition, does not need the centrifugal casting pouring system, reduce the metal consumption. But the centrifugal casting cylinder castings cast out of the hole size is not accurate, there are more pores, slag, therefore need to increase the inner hole machining allowance, but not suitable for casting is easy to produce proportion the segregation of alloy.

The features of centrifugal casting are as follows

(1) hollow castings can be produced without core. Liquid metal can form a hollow free surface in the mold, which greatly simplifies the production process of the sleeve and tube castings

(2) can improve the ability of filling molten metal casting. Because of the centrifugal force generated when the rotation of the liquid metal, so some poor fluidity of alloy and thin-walled castings available centrifugal casting production, the formation of clear contours, smooth surface castings.

(3) the condition of shrinkage is improved. The gas and non-metallic inclusions are easy to discharge from the metal, resulting in shrinkage, shrinkage, porosity, slag inclusion and so on. The rate is very small

(4) no gating system and riser to save metal

(5) it can be used for casting double metal castings, such as steel sleeve and copper bearing, which can save precious metal and improve casting performance

However, there are insufficient centrifugal casting. Due to the centrifugal force, the gas in metal, slag inclusion, because the density of the lighter and concentrated on the inner surface of the casting, so the hole size is accurate, the quality is poor, must increase the machining allowance; castings produce segregation and density segregation.

At present, centrifugal casting has been widely used in the manufacture of cast iron pipes, cylinder sleeves, copper sleeves, double metal bearings, seamless tubes of special steel, paper machines, rollers and other castings


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