Foundry enterprises are the high incidence of pollution in our country, with the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in China, the high pollution casting enterprises have been gradually closed down. Then, what are the causes of high energy consumption and high pollution in the foundry industry?

1.Small scale enterprises

The number of foundries in China is large, but most come with small scale. Because the production of small, mostly by manual or other simple mechanical modeling, melting molten iron are mostly used in small cupola (0.5 t/h 3), and every time the liquid iron melting only 2~3 h. stove has just reached a temperature must hit furnace, waste heat. In general very little investment in terms of environmental protection and energy saving (even without input).

2.Backward process equipment

Backward technology and equipment has 2 implications: one is the small scale of the enterprise, can not use modern technology and equipment; two is the foundry economic vulnerability, without the ability to invest in new equipment. The dedusting equipment also generally used only for sand preparation, workshop or shakeout department and other places equipped with dust removal equipment for recycling workshop foundry is less. The concentration of harmful gas treatment equipment is still blank, so the resin sand molding, core making, casting out gas filled in the workshop.

3.Low casting technology

Many small foundry enterprises lack the necessary laboratory and testing means, independent innovation capability is low, can only cope with the current production, no further improve the ability to develop new products.

4.The quality of personnel is low

China's foundry technology, not only the lack of management personnel, and the uneven distribution. The quality of workers more difficult to guarantee, some factories even in the automated assembly line also did not use temporary workers after training. Due to the relatively low quality of personnel, the majority of casting factory can only produce low content of products.

5.Backward management

In addition to a number of large-scale backbone enterprises and a handful of advanced small and medium-sized enterprise leadership, the leadership of the many foundry casting industry abroad, modern casting technology, the modern enterprise management. Therefore the lack of understanding on the development of enterprises provided no clear objectives and feasible plan. Many foundry responsible person also no such reduction, to the important schedule.


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