With the continuous development of new energy vehicles in China and the popularity of water demand Aluminum Alloy motor shell supporting the use of the new energy vehicles will also show an upward trend. Fujian Fengli Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various specifications of Aluminum Alloy water-cooled motor shell, water-cooled Aluminum Alloy motor shell, Aluminum Alloy motor shell casting manufacturers. 

The company has advanced level of the Disa moulding line, resin sand production line and shot blasting machine, annealing furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, spectrum analyzer, furnace rapid analyzer, carbon silicon tester, universal testing machine, metallographic analysis, hardness tester and other types of production, processing and testing equipment, with annual production of 10000 tons of various grades the gray cast iron, ductile iron, wear-resistant alloy steel, nonferrous metal casting ability. 

The water-cooled motor casing Aluminum Alloy hot extrusion Aluminum Alloy motor shell molding has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good thermal performance, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, the advantages of bore free cutting. Aluminum Alloy motor shell due to the traditional Aluminum Alloy motor shell process, poor concentricity of the shell and the end cover, caused by aluminum alloy casing motor running large noise. According to the processing mode Aluminum Alloy motor shell, designed for processing a Aluminum Alloy motor shell. Aluminum Alloy motor shell using the tool can achieve a card after installation can be processed at the same time Aluminum Alloy motor shell two end of the motor shell hole, Aluminum Alloy concentricity to less than 0.02mm, improve the production efficiency more than doubled, to solve the problems of noise Aluminum Alloy motor shell of the electric motor. 


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The development of new energy vehicles leads to an increase in demand for water-cooled aluminium alloy motor housing