2017 China (Zhangwu) casting sand industry development forum held in Zhangwu on August 18th, the forum continued until August 19th, a total of 2 days. It is understood that the forum has 4 characteristics.

  1. Forum of high level, large scale, pioneering history of the development of sand casting industry in Zhangwu. The forum is organized by the Fuxin Association of Chinese casting, the Municipal People's government, China Foundry Association other materials branch, China Foundry Association Shenyang office, the national high-end conference in Zhangwu County People's Government hosted. From the National Foundry industry backbone enterprises. Leadership, Chinese Foundry Association experts, research institutes and scholars, provincial and municipal leaders, a total of more than 500 representatives of the news media participants.

  2. Forum wide influence, will enhance the visibility of Zhangwu. Zhangwu silica sand silica sand is widely used in high-end high-end foundry, building materials and other industries, products have 5 series of more than 20 varieties, accounting for more than 10% of the total sand casting. Through a press conference, new media platform, TV, newspapers, periodicals and other forms of tracking reports, will all-round, multi angle to promote Zhangwu Zhangwu with silica sand, silica sand unique performance advantages, facing the country, to the world.

  3. Forum of high academic level, a new breakthrough will be achieved by silica. The forum invited industry experts around the foundry industry access conditions, innovative technology, intelligent manufacturing, green development, sand processing technology, reclaimed sand, sand industry vision of the theme of the report, and will be released to the foundry industry air pollutant emission standards. Access conditions of industrial policy for AC live Q & A, learn from the advanced experience of high-end products, to promote the development of sand industry, comprehensive development of sand industry chain.

  4. Forum effect previews, sand industry development clear. After several generations of accumulation, after years of exploration and practice in the sand, sand, sand, and after casting co experts fully demonstrated, put forward in line with Zhangwu County sand industry characteristics of the road, the sand sand sand industry, agriculture, tourism, field Sha health four development, gradually formed clear and orderly exploitation, protection and utilization, development of sand industry in 123 production integration.



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2017 China (Zhangwu) foundry sand industry development forum was successfully held