Forging is a kind of pressure on the metal material by forging machinery, to produce plastic deformation in order to obtain a certain mechanical properties, processing method of a certain shape and size of forging, forging (forging and stamping) the two part of casting metal melting fills the cavity after cooling to obtain blank. Therefore, there is a big difference between the two. 

From the exterior, T6 high density aluminum forging, see the installation surface of crystal clear, but much lighter than casting forging wheel hub, the same style of forging and casting wheel weight can be about 20%. So how to distinguish between forging and casting wheel? 

Generally speaking, casting wheel can be divided into two kinds of manufacturing methods: gravity casting and low pressure casting.

Gravity casting manufacturing process is simple, the liquid alloy is poured into the mould inside cooling molding can be also due to mold durable, simple process, is the minimum manufacturing cost is low; low pressure casting with the liquid alloy pressed into the mold, let the molecular distribution of average pore density and high strength metal less, so strong, safe the coefficient is higher than that of the former, modeling can also be more complicated (and more refined look better). 

The manufacturing process of gravity: the factory will be cast in aluminum ingot into water wheel model from top to bottom stamping, 3 minutes only, this process is suitable for automobile production plant supporting mass production. 

Fork pressure (low pressure) manufacturing process: the factory will be aluminum ingot into aluminum water, through the pipe directly to the hub model, up and down pressure, 30 minutes a. Auto parts shop to buy wheels for this process.

In simple terms, is that the metal rim forging patterns remain near critical point of solid liquid two-phase transfer when subjected to thousands or even tens of thousands of tons of weight, the metal density becomes high, the lattice is more neatly arranged, so can use more than a small amount of metal casting, achieve higher than strength. By casting forging can eliminate cast loose metal welding holes, etc., is simple to make aluminum density is higher, 100 times larger compared forging and casting casting you will find the products would be osteoporosis phenomenon. Because of forging metal in solid state, so as to form liquid casting like changes in abundance, so only the first hub forging blank, and then through the CNC milling machine is completed after the other.

Summary of potential:

casting: advantages: low price, short production cycle; disadvantages: low strength, easy to smash after severe impact; 

forging: advantages: light weight, good heat dissipation, high strength, uneasy crushing after impact, high safety, strong plasticity, free customization, and excellent quality; disadvantages: the price is slightly higher and the production cycle is long;


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