Horizontal motor shell is a shell relative to the vertical motor shell, mainly used to protect the quality of motor shell. Horizontal motor generally affect the operation efficiency and service life of the motor, which causes that influence of horizontal motor shell quality? today to bring you the influencing factors.

When the horizontal motor axial size is large, with other machinery generally difficult to obtain qualified sand.4 holes accuracy between it10it11, to locate parts to drill hole axis. The process of M4 and 7h in the bottom of 10mm diameter, using Z535 vertical drilling machine and special fixture. The electric reading strategy simulation scolex the implementation is gradually withdraw from the stage of history, while the use of micro processor, FPGA C, PL D, general computer, modern means of DSP controller, digital control system gained rapid growth, is also facing high precision as the motor control system, high machine, network, information, system chip based on the move.

Milling the bottom surface of the General Assembly 11 curriculum design experience under the guidance of teachers successfully completed the design of machining process and programming of micro horizontal motor shell ", and seriously, to complete the design task on time. Scheme 1 and 4 the efficacy of fresh fighting close to the shrinkage volume significantly decreased, and the the distribution of riser efficiency is low, two schemes of AB distribution are more dwarf pine break up small, but the shrinkage volume significantly increased 2vk18v99k97 than scheme 5., parallel degree is 0, and the bottom surface as the base 4 8 countersink holes in the plane of the 1 dimension, the heart line hole in the 0.08 part and the center of the center of the hole is 0.6 the most Nianye body.

Mechanical machining allowance, process size determination of micro horizontal motor shell material for ht00 hardness is 170-41hbs, production type is mass produced, can be produced by forging. The two week course design process short, I can find their own grasp of the common sense is how tight, comprehensive ability use the professional knowledge there are still a lot of problems, it is the awakening, from which I also have many harvests, accumulated certain experience, for me to learn in the future and work is very helpful. 

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