In the course of the work, the motor often sends out the sound with different intensity,these sounds are irregular and a noise that affects people's work and routines. Then, how can we effectively reduce the noise in the process of motor operation in order to create a comfortable working environment for employees? Today, i introduce some method for everyone to reduce the noise of aluminum motor case.

The motor is a kind of noise source, the noise level is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of the motor. The aluminum motor shell is made of gray iron for casting motor structure Aluminum Alloy shell and the end cover to replace the traditional aluminum shell, compared with the same motor electromagnetic design and cast iron motor, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, high production efficiency by the welcome of the market. But due to the processing material and process characteristics of aluminum itself, the machine noise has become a must to be solved. According to the acoustic and electromagnetic noise of mechanical aluminum motor common, we analyze and take corresponding measures, to reduce to a certain level. 

1.Method for reducing mechanical noise 

1.1 The bearing is connected with the stator and the rotor of the motor in precision parts, should be used to meet the application requirements of the excellent bearing, can not let the bearing become the main source of vibration when the motor is running. The General Motors has special bearing vibration level Z2 and above. 

1.2 Bearing in filling oil should ensure adequate, rolling body retainer and raceways have a uniform layer of oil film. Here, the roller and the raceway between the uniform oil film is mainly, but also cannot ignore the holder and the rolling body between the lubrication problems. Therefore, we are in the grease for the bearing, design the grease special equipment, for each set of bearing more (according to the specifications of the bearing size in 6 to 15 points) at the same time, the grease in the grease, and a side note, while rotating the bearing (relative rotation of the inner and outer ring) until the bearing space to fill grease.

1.3 The expansion coefficient of aluminum than iron was about 2 times higher, with aluminum cover, we adopted the method of reinforcement of bearing chamber: the bearing chamber with cast iron. The bearing outer ring and has the same linear expansion coefficient of the iron-based materials formed directly with the relationship. 

2. Method for reducing electromagnetic noise

Take the corresponding technique of processing, to ensure uniformity of motor assembly gap. First, only the base bore finishing, and then pressing the stator by means of thermal sleeve, reduce pressing deformation process. A press in a winding stator core, in line package protection after use support core bore, finishing the spigot end and both ends of a torus, to ensure that the base ends of rabbet and base bore concentricity. This processing method is different from the traditional cast-iron completely processed into finished products, direct pressure with winding stator core, stator will complete the process made in the design of the program we are some adjustment, by increasing the length of iron and the number of turns of the coil, reducing the electromagnetic density, to reduce the electromagnetic noise. By using the sine winding and the choice of slot slope right, make the air gap magnetic field force sine wave. 

Design and manufacture of low noise motor, designers and motor manufacturing plant in order to improve the motor market competitiveness and the efforts of the major target. Compared with cast-iron motors, noise when running large aluminum motor, so in design and manufacture, the reasons for the noise analysis, adjusted in the design and manufacturing process that can effectively reduce the noise.

To sum up, reduce the noise of aluminum motor case mainly from reducing mechanical noise and reducing electromagnetic noise two aspects. If the above two parts, aluminum casing motor noise will be effectively reduced 


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