Professional motor case manufacturers - Fujian Fengli Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer engaged in casting motor shell, the company has the advanced Disa moulding line, resin sand production line, with annual production of various brands of more than 10000 tons of gray cast iron, ductile iron, wear-resistant alloy steel, nonferrous casting ability the metal. 

Here we introduce the application range of the motor shell produced by our company.

1.New energy water cooling bus welded motor casing.

This product is mainly used for new energy bus, the casing is formed by coiling the steel plate into the inner shell of the machine frame,forming spiral welded shell and inner and outer waterway.

2.New energy water cooling bus cast aluminium case.

The utility model is mainly used for the new energy automobile, the spiral water channel and the shell are integrally cast, and the aluminum alloy shell has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, light weight, energy saving for vehicle mounted batteries, and improved mileage of the electric vehicle.

3.Electrophoresis casing.

Widely used in golf carts, lawn mower motor shell. 


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