Brake discs rusting, is no stranger to car owner, brakes are usually iron, so is the rust by oxidation, it is normal. So, how to handle the brake discs rusting? it is suggested to wipe with oil, this is very irresponsible proposals, brakes oil will make the brake does not work, have a great security risk. So, how to handle brake discs rusting?

A lot of people don't understand why brake discs rusting, worried that the braking performance drops. In fact, most of the car's brakes are cast iron, not like a body surface rust, but chronic exposure to Sun and rain, poor working conditions, particularly if parked for a long time, easy to build some rust on the surface. This situation we can see 4S shop new cars storage, these are new cars, parked outside will have this situation for a long time.

The brake disc rust is a normal phenomenon, not necessarily linked to quality. But still have a certain influence on the braking system, but do not have to go to war, these problems are the owners themselves can handle. 

If only a slight rust, we can use the method of removing the continuous braking driving, because the disc brake is on the brake caliper and brake friction between the brake, rust can be rubbed off, during braking course, to do this method in safety section. This is a slight rust "polishing" method.

If the rust is severe, the above method does not apply, also found that the brake when the brake pedal, steering wheel, such as jitter, this will have to go to a special treatment, because the rust is too "stubborn", not just "polished" can't force will also accelerate the wear of brake pads. This we need to find a repair shop remove brake disc sanding, clean rust.

Of course, the rust was too severe, even repair shops are powerless, so owners of vehicles in place must be a maintenance of the brake discs every two months. That caused serious brake discs rusting, can drive on the road at any time.


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