Vibration motor shell fracture phenomenon more common in daily life. So, how to prevent or reduce the motor shell burst it? to prevent rupture, you need to understand its reasons for the breakdown of, so as to solve the problem.

Many users use vibration motors for many years, often find the motor casing ruptured, but do not know why, always find aging products and natural break. Now i am to introduce the following rupture of the cause.

Vibration motor is not like other motors, their own damaging vibration. Some customers at the time of installation will be no fixed angle screws tight. vibration motor in motion vibrations off fixing screws, vibration may also loosen. also causes a vibration motor of broken shell.

Prevention method of vibration motor casing ruptured: the user during the installation of the motor fixing screws when tightening. Rigid mounted motor has good, solid three times a day. Vibration motor can prevent screw loosening lead to rupture of the shell.


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How can you prevent vibration motor casing burst?