Motor shell, is a full motor of important part, it is a chassis shell, inside can Assembly electronic components, support with electronic components of fixed and handling, if no motor machine shell for based, on cannot production out motor, market Shang formal of motor are need has motor machine shell, each motor machine shell in just began design of when, are need has screws hole used to installation motor iron core, and some electronic components.

Motor shell have an effect is to reduce the impact of external forces on the whole motor, this involves motor mechanical strength of the housing problem. Motor casing mechanical strength refers to the compression, tensile, flexural strength. Ability to resist bending stiffness, can withstand the shocks of the size is called toughness. Ductile and brittle is relative. Mechanical strength of the size associated with the reliability and service life of machinery. Of course the mechanical strength of broad covered, such as the strength of the static and dynamic stresses and strains.

Most important is to choose the raw materials, raw materials should choose thickness of 2mm. Motor casing made of galvanized steel with very good strength and radiation resistance. Meanwhile, the motor housing compared to other materials, this traditional material of galvanized steel motor housing at a reasonable cost, nature also makes the price very good. Personally, this affordable galvanized steel motor housing, is a very good choice.


Surface treatment of the motor shell six content details
Alloy motor shell can effectively protect the safety of motor equipment



The mechanical strength and mechanical reliability of the motor casing are related to the service life of the casing