Surface treatment in the target material on the surface, after artificial layer and the substrate of mechanical, physical and chemical properties of different surface processing method. Motor casing surface treatment designed to enable motor corrosion, the corrosion products are not likely to be the outside world, improve the wear and appearance of the product.

Motor shell commonly used surface treatment methods include mechanical polishing, chemical processing, heat treatment, surface coating, surface treatment and so on, he mainly to clean the surface, cleaning, deburring, degreasing, descaling, etc.

Motor casing surface treatment details:

1.Motor casing where the rough and sand on the surface, can be hand or machine methods for surface cleaning, surface of the motor casing in accordance with acceptance criteria.

2.Burrs on the motor casing, meaty, swell and distortion caused by bumps should be sanded smooth, should control the amount of grinding to prevent motor shell defects.

3.Grinding motor shell, grinding wheel should be selected according to the material of the motor shell. Grinding wheels should be no cracks, securely, and shields.

4.Flat grinding all non-working surface, including the type of disposition line and intracavity rising.

5.Cast hole should be open, exposed parts of the polished.

6.Motor casing surfaces should be wiped with sand.


Electrolytic deburring process can effectively remove the motor casing Burr
The mechanical strength and mechanical reliability of the motor casing are related to the service life of the casing



Surface treatment of the motor shell six content details