Electrolytic deburring metal parts through electrolytic stripping of an electrochemical machining burrs means, referred to as ECD in English, which is a branch of ECM. Here we look at how the processing methods the motor casing deburring.

Electrolytic deburring collocation fixed electrodes, electrolyte electrode under edge mobile edge has power inside the metal casing into the electrolyte, anode DC motor casing, casing on the metal will be gradually reduced by electrolysis, until it disappeared. In the electrolysis process, due to the small radius of curvature of the point high potential, therefore, micro-convex on the chassis will be disappear along with the first electrolysis.

Electrolytic deburring process, can not lack of electrolytes, and the electrolyte has certain corrosive, deburring parts near the bodies are also vulnerable to electrolytic deburring, surface easily lose their original luster, will even affect the size, this is a disadvantage of electrolytic deburring process. Because of the shortcomings of the process so motor shell artifacts such as deburring is required after a cleaning and anti-rust treatment, in case the product is corrosive. Electrolytic deburring applies to the more intimate places in the removal of artifacts, such as cross-hole or the Burr of workpiece shapes more irregular, high production efficiency, deburring time generally takes only a few seconds to dozens of seconds. Attracted a motor shell and wind gear, spline, connecting rods, valves and crankshaft oil hole respected manufacturers.

Electrolyte composition are important factors influencing effect of motor casing deburring. Neutral salts as the main component of the nonlinear electrolyte with wide application range, convenient control, small stray corrosion and surface quality, environmental pollution and so on. When processed, according to burrs determines the size of the specific composition of the electrolyte, and design flow of the electrolyte, flow rate and pressure in order to remove the burrs quickly rushed from the gap, so as not to cause a short circuit.

Nothing can be perfect, all have their advantages and disadvantages, electrolytic deburring despite certain shortcomings, but we just use some means to minimize the disadvantages, it will not harm the product.


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