Motor shell variety, and forming method according to the shell consists of steel casing, aluminum casing, stainless steel casing, plastic shells and other categories, and motor casing is a barrier prevents the motor from being damaged, are widely used in various types of motor above.

Then, in the motor casing design process, we need to pay attention to what issues? security is paramount.

Structure shall endeavour to feed, materials, parts, easy to clean up waste. For small part machining, to prohibit the operator's finger, wrist or other parts of the body into the die area. For large parts of the processing, if the operator had to hand in when operating in mode, to minimize the input range to minimize the time a part of the body in mold and motor shell clearly dangerous areas, equipped with the necessary protective measures and devices.

Various parts on the motor shell should have sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent damage and deformation in the process, fasteners against loosening of the measures to prevent the operator. Not allowed to scrap missiles or artifacts in the process, influence the operator's attention, even injuring the operator.

Any mechanical product design has to take safety into consideration in the first place, only security guarantee, will be able to achieve the performance characteristics of the products can be widely accepted by the market. Therefore, the motor casing design, requires special attention to security.


Technical points and points for attention of painting of motor shell
Electrolytic deburring process can effectively remove the motor casing Burr



Motor shell design needs special attention to safety