Motor shell painting, is a motor built into the last operation, which, in addition to the motor more attractive things, as well as a aims to prevent future use by oxidation, corrosion, thereby reducing the service life of the housing, so painting is very important for the motor casing.

Some small producers of motor casing, or because of cost savings, or because of poor technology, their production of motor casing paint processing exists absorption is not average, bubbling, so users will led to loss of spray paint and corrosion after use, affecting the quality of motor casing.

Then, the motor shell paint how to be more stable, will not fall off? Today, for everyone to bring the motor shell painting technology points:

1.Paint film surface is smooth, no collapse, no dark hole cracks, no flow, no obvious coating, exterior no or a very small number of small particles.

2.Corner without a form of spraying paste, the whole surface free from chromatic aberration and color phenomena.

3.Luster even consistent, smooth.

Motor casing paint for attention in construction:

1.Construction methods you can select automatic mode, the use of automatic spraying machine, will be sealed in the jar. This construction method is more efficient, and transportation and storage is more convenient.

2.Objects that you want to use the same color, select the same batch product, avoiding obvious chromatic aberration.

3.Construction test before spray results, spray uniformity, equipment failure. Avoid spraying effect of dark and light shades of different situations.

4.Must wear protective clothing during spraying, because paint will produce harmful volatile organic compounds, without protection will cause great harm to staff.


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