To buy anything, you need to follow a certain standard to be able to choose high-quality products, the motor shell is no exception.

The motor casing usually consists of an outer shell, a panel, a lining plate, a bracket, etc. the function of the motor case is to protect the internal components from damage,the shell body adopts excellent aluminum alloy, and has the characteristics of reasonable design, strong construction and beautiful appearance.

The motor shell is the main component of the motor, it not only plays the role of the steel Samurai also plays a role in motor coat, because the motor material is usually steel, he can be very good to avoid damage to the motor due to the stress deformation and cause. 

Then, how to choose the motor casing? The following small series for everyone to buy the basic principles of motor casing.

The following basic principles need to be followed in the selection of motor casings:the mechanical characteristics of the motor casing, starting, braking, speed regulation and other handling functions shall be satisfied with the mechanical characteristics and process requirements.The influence of power supply quality in the process of motor casing,in the limited range according to environmental conditions, operating conditions, the temperature rise of the motor housing unit method, transmission method, structure, selection of motor shell device, the protection mode, make sure to think about a few investment operation cost of motor shell solid work induction, all driving system of economy, energy saving, reasonable and reliable. 


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